Social Responsibility

It really is far better to give than to receive. The greatest gift to our community would be when we contribute to make lives better; when we touch lives by the dint of charity and spreading light to the less privileged. While we are great-hearted of our efforts to date, we realise that being a socially responsible team is a journey. Every breakthrough is a milestone, not the finish line.

There are still many more we can do for our communities. We believe a little help can go a long way. The initiative comes at no additional cost to us. It simply comes with the satisfaction of helping each other to make a butterfly effect to our society. We wish to escalate the information and ideas that motivate the urge of giving, charity begins from home and ultimately extending to others.

Eptaa pursue the mission to contribute 7 cents per samples redeem. We have in plan to seek for opportunities to collaborate with charity organization to develop long- term activities in future. We will continue to deliver our deed and keep updates about our journey along the way. For the perk of our society, together we learn, grow and follow in the footsteps to make the world a better place.